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Create A Better Life Experience

Forget about the concept of blame. The more you cast it the less power you have.

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The C.A.B.L.E process is designed to be used as a daily resource to help you find peace in this moment. Most of us have found, upon analysis, that we had a lifetime’s worth of old resentments that we carried around into our daily lives and that until now, we had no idea how to get rid of them peacefully. Also, coupled with these old grudges were the endless forms of fear, constantly chattering away in our heads, taking us out of the moment and into anxiety. Our process encourages us to take stock of this mental “baggage”, getting it all down on paper, trusting that Life doesn’t intend for us to feel this way. Once we have been willing to see our grudges from a different angle and realized our fears were nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”, we begun to live again. This process has helped us to re-connect with Life, re-mind us of the beauty in ourselves and others around us and listen more to the words of the heart. Being then equipped with mental tools from this process, we took our new-found knowledge to others who needed it, giving us our own “meaning for life”.

The C.A.B.L.E (Create A Better Life Experience) process was designed to help you let go of the past, overcome fear and live happily in the moment.

An easy to understand, step-by-step process of action, which if practised daily will enable you to live peaceful, happier and more contented lives.

“Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips”

--Dawson Trotman

An easy to understand, step-by-step process of action, which if practiced daily will enable you to live a peaceful, happier and more contented life

Create. A. Better. Life. Experience.
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